Monday, May 24, 2010

My Wish list !

Been thinking since quite a long long long ....( may be ever since my childhood ) to come up with my wish list .One might think i must be copying dasvidaniya or telugu movie oye style but NO I always had a biiiiig( or is it supposed to be lengthy) wish list which of course as expected just keeps on increasing . So I thought why not make a note of it so that one fine day i can always come back to see what i wanted to do . Not all of them but at least most of them i should be able to achieve ( how optimistic of me !!! ;) ) ..

So people take a deep breath and read them .. am sure most of you might find something similar to this .................

  • Go to Disney land US !!
  • Skydiving
  • Bungee jumping
  • Deep sea diving
  • River rafting
  • Horse riding
  • Mountain climbing
  • Skiing
  • To spend a peaceful week ad mist pleasant mountains /peaks
  • Camping in Himalayas
  • Playing in Snow
  • visit the 7 wonders of the world
  • Paint one beautiful portrait .
  • "Dress up " in different kinds of bridal attires ( preferable choosable cultures )
  • Go to a coool serene lake with no crowd or any strangers around and try fishing ..basically fish and then throw them back in water :)
  • To play in rain like hell and have piping hot masala stuff with a whole bunch of kiddos ..
  • To drive and get drenched on a bike with zooming speed on a highway ...
  • To learn salsa and perform just once .
  • To give a musical concert
  • To play piano .
  • To walk by the beach on a nice cloudy evening with a preferred long flowery skirt , count the stars and hold a campfire and then a candle lit dinner with my best friend or even all alone :)
  • To visit the Niagara falls .. Dive through any water fall ..
  • To sponsor a girl child's education and marriage
  • To adopt a girl child
  • To have ice cream at 12 in the nite of my fav flavor with bare feet on wet grass taking a mid nite stroll by a park .. listening to my fav music ..
  • para gliding
  • To direct a movie
  • To write a book
  • To shop at all fav places all fav stuff .
  • To take part in bike race like a roadie :P
  • To get a cool photo shoot done ..
  • To work at NASA .
  • To build a hospital and manage it .
  • To build a dream house with choicest of interiors
  • To achieve a really good title something like business woman of the year/decade kinds
  • To visit Switzerland !! check out the alps ...
  • To paint my room and decorate it with all kind of stuff ...
  • To peacefully sleep on moms lap watching a star studded sky
  • To spend a whole day rite from early morning to late nite in the holy shrine of thirumala .
  • Drive a Plane /steer a train :D
  • Ride in a chopper
  • Visit the great grand canyon
  • Learn martial arts
And the list will go on .. :)


Senorita said...

Get it done then :D

I can help you in quite a few things :D

warrior of light said...

Great and what are those few things my dear Senorita ;)

Unknown said...

sis really ur superb...
surely ur wish bcmes true one fine day ....

rs said...

let's print ur list and check it out 1 by 1 and complete atleast 20% this year :-)

R@n ThE LeGeNd said...

Can you elaborate this briefly
"To paint my room and decorate it with all kind of stuff"

warrior of light said...

Would love to paint my room/wall with my own hands and decorate it will windchimes,portraits of choice ,sea shells etc .

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's very nice whishlist How many of the things completed from the above list.